effective massage

Head Back and Foot massage- 30 min $40.00

a mini treatment to revitalize your busy day

Swedish massage- 60 min $80.00, 90 min -$85.00

this massage technique is light and slow with long strokes, and helps with deep relaxation and detoxification.

Therapeutic massage -60 min $90.00, 90 min -$110.00

this is a very intensive massage that can be customized to your needs, working individual or muscle groups to bring circulation and healing to a specific area of the body.

Healing stone massage -60 min $100.00, 90 min- $110.00

heated stones sooth stiff aching sore muscles that are loaded with tension, this technique promotes even deeper relaxation, warm stones are placed on your body at identified points of tension, toxins begin to leave your body and the healing process begins.

Deep Sport Massage - 60 min $110.00, 90 min- $120.00

Highly intensive technique that uses deep slow strokes to strip's the muscles and underlying fascia to relieve chronic tension in the body; this also includes a combination of stretching and trigger points to improve circulation and flexibility.

Prenatal Massage -60 min $90.00

‚ÄčCustomized for the mother to be, light to medium strokes help to relieve tension in the body and helps to flush fluid from the feet and ankles, helps to improve sleep, moods, and promotes a deeper sense of relaxation.

Seaweed Body Wraps - 60min or 2.5hr   $130 - $260

A seaweed body wrap is the ultimate food for your body. It deposits rich essentials minerals and vitamins into the body, it also stimulates, clean, firm and detoxify the skin leaving a healthy beautiful glow. This treatment comes with a customizes massage.

Revitalizing Mud Wrap -2.5hr   $250

Dead sea mud is known for its healing properties and is very high and concentrated with minerals. The mud offers relief from aching joints and skin problems, it increase circulations and rebuilds collagen. It draws impurities out of the skin and provides essential minerals for a healthy glow. This treatment comes with a moisturizing massage leaving you feeling revitalize.

Salt Scrub w/ Essential Oils -90min or 2.5hr   $130 - $250

Salt scrub will gently lift away dry dead skin; it stimulates and brings circulation to the skin to gives a radiant glow. This treatment comes with a moisturizing massage

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