effective massage

Signature Treatments...

Table Thai Massage:  (60 minutes $110)  (90 minutes $130)

slow gentle rhythmic compression's, with stretching, rocking movement's that promote flexibility and balancing qi (energy) which in turn can promote circulation and well-being.

Bali Massage:  (60 minutes $110)  (90 minutes $130)

this is a massage ritual based on the traditions of Bali, a combination of compression, rolling motion and rhythmic strokes promotes total relaxation...you will feel like your on the island.

Abyhanga Massage:  (60 minutes $110)  (90 minutes $130)

Abyhanga, is an ancient Indian massage treatment for healing and detoxification of the spirit mind and body, it moves stagnant energy out of he body with warm herbal oil that will revitalize the spirit.